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It's simple...we're keeping the price locked at $7 per year - for life for you as long as you keep your membership current (even if we raise the prices in the future, you'll still pay just $7 per year - lock in now).

To Your Success!            


Faithe Thomas 

P.S. A lot of places get you on their mailing list and then try to sell you things email after email. I personally hate those kind of emails. I will not do that to you. I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm trying to make resources available to you. From time to time, I will tell you of where you can get a discount if you were ALREADY planning to buy ____ ebook/curriculum/workbook or whatever. But there will not be ANY purchase-pressuring from this site. There is also a list of discounts in our members area that you can use anytime.

P.S.S. Some of the discounts we will be pursuing this year are from curriculum publishers. Look for them on our Facebook page. Be sure to sign up now so you don't miss anything. If you have questions, you can email me directly:

While this site is not exclusively Christian, much of the material included and many of the discounts lean toward a Christian-worldview. Disclosure statement