Membership Benefit #1
Home-School-Association Training (New Ebooks, New Reports, New Reviews) (Priceless)

As a member of you are going to get access to the newest curriculum previews and reviews.

So what can you expect to get as a member of

Well, first, and this is what will save you tons of time, we have a completely searchable database of sites that contain curricula for every level and every subject. Yes, a lot of places have a database like this for free curricula, but as far as we know, we are the only place on the net where you can select your grade level and your subject and get a list of free sites, membership sites, and online stores that have what you are looking for. Don't waste your time looking through everyone's catalog. We have it right here at your fingertips.

Also, we have access to several vaults of ebooks - literally thousands of ebooks that are part of your child's curriculum. The numbers are just staggering - 600,000 books. Over half a million books! If you want to check it out, here is one of the sites where you will have FREE membership access. As you can see, it would cost you $8.95 each year to join this one book vault if you did it yourself.

Additionally, we have over 100,000 free worksheets, curriculum samples, unit studies, lapbooks guides, etc. Don't spend your time looking for these - they are all here. We've done the hunting for you. How about free piano lessons? Or a free virtual cat disection class? Need a whole history curriculum for free? This is the place!

Even more, we make sure we stay on top of the homeschooling community. Meaning, if someone out there is publishing new homeschool material online you can count on it, we're discussing it, we're dissecting it and we're seeing if its hype or real.

Part of the way we can do this is that we spend a lot of money to ensure our members are in middle of the latest at all times.

But isn't just a site with databases and downloads. Rather, is a community! A collection of homeschoolers just like you and I!

Except no EGO's here. We put aside the politics, the forum policing, the propaganda! If you've got something to say, you can say it. If you've got a question, no question is too small. is about helping you have the resources, information, and support to be a successful home school parent through direct and proper training without having to deal with scam sites who only have one main interest (your money).

Membership Benefit #2
Weekly Blogs

The Blog Entries includes fresh articles, hints, Q&A, and site reviews. We also include suggestions for fundraising for your homeschool group. We give you links to sites you may not find otherwise. You don't want to miss this information-packed resource - week after week. And it automatically shows up in your email inbox.

Membership Benefit #3 Members Only Forum
Third Party Resource Access!

Another secret weapon of every member is the ability to access services being offered by other websites. Through careful negotiation we will open up access to a variety of services and continuously add new services. For example, as a member, you can save 5% off every order with Vision Forum and 17% off membership with HSLDA. Some of these you will find at other free websites, but many of our discounts and group memberships are Home-School-Association exlusives. (There are many places where we have signed up as a representative for a company, but instead of keeping the commission, we paypal it back to you! Come on, nobody else is doing this.)

The more resources we can provide to aspiring homeschoolers, the better you can focus on what really matters - your child(ren)!